About Kerri Guthrie

Kerri Guthrie has always felt a connection with art expression. Her mother encouraged all 10 siblings to improve their talents by practicing and taking lessons. Kerri has won several ribbons in different art competitions throughout her life.

Kerri is the mother of four wonderful children and attributes her success to her loving husband Dr. Dan Guthrie. He always encourages and supports her. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve her family, church and community. For in doing service, that is where true happiness is found.



When I look at the changing skies and the majesty of a sunset. I am moved with gratitude for Gods ever changing pallet of colors.
His work is all around us and we as his children are a part of his creations. As we trust God, He becomes more a part of our lives.
We can become eternally connected with God our Father and our loved ones by coming unto him. We are all family. Christ our elder brother prepares the way for us.
Every time when a new temple is announced to be built, my heart rejoices for I know the great joy that is available to all though Temple Blessings. God has said, “This is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and Eternal Life of man.”( Moses 1:39)
Let us all come and partake of the fresh living waters of Christ. Christ LIVES! It is the Atonement of Christ that prepares us to meet God. His work has no end is my testimony, Amen.