"Ministry of Angels, The Promise of the Scriptures"

The things that we choose to emulate who we are; defining the environment we surround ourselves with.

Couples who choose to serve the Lord with loving hearts, will find great treasures from the Holy Ghost as they work together. The great truths found in the scriptures are to be shared.

The book containing God’s word is the focal point of the painting. It emanates light. The angels that surround the couple are representatives of truth and light. The angels remind us that so long as we engage in the scriptures we are protected.

This Couple is unaware of their guardians, yet the presence of their love and power of protection settles upon them like armor. After reading individually, and together, drinking from the fountains of living water, they can be assured that the Holy Ghost can offer them knowledge in a quiet place.

As we ponder the scriptures and memorize those verses that truly speak of God’s love, those memorized verses are embedded into our souls and become a part of us. Our prayers are very powerful and mighty as we stand with the word of God. The power of exercising faith is needed in our lives always. This painting is a Reminder to read your scriptures and connect with GOD every day.

Kerrie Guthrie

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