Spirit of Rescue, Levi and Ephraim


We are all in need of the Spirit of Rescue, rescued from this world by our Savior, Jesus Christ. Long ago, we covenanted with God to prepare for his Son, Jesus Christ to reign personally during the Millennium. Part of that covenant is to rescue those in need.

The Spirit of Rescue lives in us all as we obey and listen to the spirit of God. His voice is vital to future rescues that are envisioned.

Levi Savage and Ephraim Hanks are symbols of that future rescue. The title of this painting is “Spirit of Rescue.” Levi and Ephraim are seeing a vision of the future. They know what it is like to suffer and sacrifice in the dead of winter. They will be a guiding light to those who also have the “Spirit of Rescue.”

They will assist us and bring to pass many miracles by the priesthood of God. The veil is thin as they travel quickly as angels. God’s children need to be in safe places to build the cities of Zion.

Devil’s gate is behind them, symbolic of death.

They saved many from death.

May this painting give courage and love to all those who feel the message.

Kerri Guthrie

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